Thursday, September 6, 2007

Site Down for Maintainance

Hi everyone, sorry the site is down for maintenance for today, Thursday, Sept 06. Sorry for the inconvenience,


Our server company (where DigiScrapDepot lies out in Cyberspace) said DSD was causing hiccups and causing their server to restart every couple minutes. They found out it was us, -so they took the site immediately offline?! -uh what? -so that is Thomas' work this weekend, to take the site and try to replicate the error on our own server to see what is making the problem and get it back up again ASAP.

Thanks everyone for your patience. We don't anticipate a long waiting period longer than a couple days tops.



Chinazhoumom said...

We miss it - please tell them to hurry!

Anonymous said...

I'm so lost without this site can't wait until its up again!!

Val said...

That's a crazy game to work out!
I wish you a lot of courage and ...zen!
I know how bad it is and I wish you will figure something out soon.
(sorry for my english)

Anonymous said...

Wow..that stinks! I hope everything goes okay and you get it working again!

Tracey said...

I thought it was my computer, but at least I know the problem is being worked on, :) I really do love the site, so I hope it gets up and running again soon, :)

Carena said...

Oh I am so missing this site. I hope they can fix the problem soon. Arrrhhh I need my freebie fix for the day. Love this site and can't do without it. Hugs and thanks.

Sansai said...

Eek! "Bad Request (invalid Hostname)
Hope your up and running again soon!

Anonymous said...

okay its been 21/2 days and I am having serious withdrawls!Please hurry back!!!

Victoria said...

I went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with a serious illness. It's called LACKASCRAPDEPOTITIS. Please help! (tee-hee)

Anonymous said...

OMG ... Digiscrapdepot is my ultimate favorite site ... I'm here almost every day for one thing or another ... I miss it already. I hope all your troubles get worked out soon