Monday, June 11, 2007

About Me

Ok. I have two fantastic, beautiful girls, 17 and 9, two boys ages 4 and 2.

In Denmark:
After four years now I have lived in Denmark, speaking the danish language, (you have to to speak with the old folks here) and have given birth to my two little cutie boys.

In the little free time I have, which is usually after my kids go to bed... see i was pulling weeds from 8pm to 11pm outside. I contact people about their kits, see if they are willing to take apart and make a freebie to advertise their kits, i make connections and network. I just enjoy meeting new designers and giving help when I can.

Computers fascinate me and they are all I know, but my husband helped me face the truth in Denmark, that i didn't have the focus to be able to program or work in computers like i thought i would within the framework of this culture we call Danmark without credentials and a four year degree.

Other Ideas:
Well, I have tried other ideas and worked on other projects while living in Denmark to keep my sanity. My husbands website is the third largest bank in Denmark and he is the idea man behind the whole deal. He says what is going to be needed and how it should look, then they build it. He has taught me a great deal about how the internet should be friendly to the user, what it should look like, and now he has me thinking like him.

We get along good because we both are creative people. I tell him what i want and he can build it.


I fell across Digi-Scrapping when my son Alexander came home with a folder from Kindergarten where they keep drawings and etc. its a scrapbook-folder and its usually a mess.

I wanted his scrapbook to be special. And now i have totally changed my idea on how i want it. So it really has helped me cement what I am doing. Ask me later on more about that.

Now, I started making pages, taking online courses and it was all too much. Too much time making the designs, I use PSCS2. And not enough scrapbooking!

What is a Freebie?
I started to collect designs and save layouts I thought were interesting and useful. I asked alot of questions and I received alot of helpful answers from the greatest designers ever. I began to have a long list on my pc of freebies. I thought man, this is taking up way too much space, and I cant see what i have at all.

At the same time my husband had his new project up and going. A search engine where you can find the best prices on BoardGames.

It helps the Designer:

I thought, hmmm what I need is a website where people can come and see not just freebies from one Creative Teams work, but all of the Creative Teams freebies on the internet. This way, people can comment on the artwork 1) gives positive feedback 2) helps the designer evolve technically. 3) Gives the designers exposure in front of a large audience of people.

Helping the customer:
The reason I am so excited about this site is that it also helps the customers. Each person is a potential customer to each designers store. I love that! And, there are tons of different designs.

This way a visitor can browse the different styles. I know we have beginning designers and experts on the site. And let me honestly tell you that there are people who just looooooove the beginning stuff. People leave me comments every day. There are fans of digi-design freebies from beginning to advanced.

I hope you enjoy the site.



Kim Broedelet said...

WOWZA girl- with 4 kids and a hubby(LOL) how do you find the time to do what you do- and so EFFECTIVELY!! I love your site- it's clean, easy to browse and easy to "see" what you are looking for! Not only that- but it's easy to "upload" too- I've had sooo many problems on "othersites" that this is always my first "call" as it just goes "up" with NO problem! Thank you! I can honestly say that I think you have a WONDERFUL site and that it is getting more and more popular as the day's go on!! Well done!! And those "tip's" you were talking about are alway's welcome!! LOL.... Hugs KimB

Admin said...

Thank you that was so sweet Kim!

Kim Broedelet said...

Heya- Just popped in to say HI- lol, and to tell you that the count under your freebies still stands at 0... hahahahahaha LOL LOL, Have a great day and chat soon

MIP Scraps said...

Was a great idea Vicky!!!!

Anonymous said...