Thursday, June 14, 2007

Comment Field, more fun Tips

When adding your descriptive information it is not necessarily interesting to know if the images are png or jpg. The customer will find that out after the download. Plus just to write.. butterfly .. 2 pngs. Well that is a little dry isnt it.

Another thing to remember. Please please do not make this mistake. Do Not Add "" Quotation Marks. I do not like them Sam I AM. They turn into AlienLanguage when being updated. So please stop speaking Alien. Agreed? lol.

Now we will surely be great friends! Thank you for following these simple steps. They will make this girl very happy.


Kristen (Quirky) said...

You are sooo right!!! I'll have to work on that one!! This place rocks!! Thanks for keeping it going!

Carola said...

Hi Vicki
I received its email and I did not understand much thing. I received an email from the and made my register, placed my first freebie and adored all the visits that I received through the site, the work I am wonderful, I I am happy for being part of it.

hluebner said...

Vicky, Your site is great! I also visited the hubby's bank site and it is wonderful. Truly a gifted man.

Thank you very much for all your exposure of designer Freebies.


DragonflyScrapper said...

Vicki, what great tips...I know I have to work on this too...thanks so much for this great site.

Endora* said...

I just love the blog... well, I love blogs...;)
I´m very proud to be a designer for Digiscrapdepot... The site is amazing, because a lot of freebies placed there... and all are beautiful...;)

Anonymous said...

well I'm totally agree with you, even if I made bad comments on my freebies (shame on me I know!!!) so I promise you I will make better comments now ;-)

How you found DigiScrapDepot
I found it on the Redju's blog, TY Redju ;-)

What you think now about the website
It's a fantastic site and a good idea for other girls who want looking in one click for freebies, congrats girl!

How you think it can help other designers
By taking some freebies, maybe they can discover designer stuff and loving them enough to go shopping...

How you think it can be a better website
I have just one idea, by making the gallery by designer too, it will be intersting for us (designers) to see layouts with our stuff, but actually it's difficult to recognize all the things in layout!

How it has helped get your designs "out there".
A lot of american and english people discovered my blog with Digiscrapdepot and I'm really happy and proud because I'm french and it permit me to meet interesting people and some nice girls are becoming real friends ;-)

Lise-Lotte said...

What you think about the website:

How you think it can help other designers:
Advertising is always good - not to mention necessary!!

How it has helped get your designs "out there":
Hm... Hard to say. It is not easily measured.
Peoples attention span is so unbelievable short in the cyberspace (including our little part of it, the digital scrabooking society), so the more places and the more often you get displayed "out there", the more likely you are to get noticed by someone, and thereby someone buying your products.
As mentioned before: advertising is good! :)

nwfotobug said...

Ok, I must be missing something. I'm not getting what this blog is about.

Its very beautiful though. I love the colors and your header is beautiful.

So is this a place that you are going to be posting freebs, or a place where desingers can post freebs? How do we post things to your blog? in the comments section? Thank you so much, Kris

Pamela Gibson said...

i didnt know i was on it but its cool that i'm there. lol. it might be my crazy crappy memory lol. looks kinda cool tho

Alice said...

Thanks for the tips!

What you think now about the website? I think the website is a great advertising tool for designers as well as a good resource for scrappers.

How you think it can help other designers? Any way to get your name out there is a benefit to your design business. And you can't beat free advertising!

Thanks Vicky for putting this site together!

Mindy said...

The site has really helped get my name out there! It's great to have a place to post my freebies. Thanks so much for taking the time to run/offer it!! It's awesome!

Mindy said...

that was from Fresh Brewed! ;)

.:kristine:. said...

Hi Vicki!

Thanks for the great info! I'll try really hard not to speak alien for ya!!


Tracey said...

How you found DigiScrapDepot?
I heard about it from another designer and also recieved an email from you, :)

What you think now about the website?
I think the website is great!! A common place to find some really cool stuff!!! I was in need of a template the other day and digiscrapdepot was the first place I went to, :)

How you think it can help other designers?
I am hoping I can help other designers by giving some inspiration.

How you think it can be a better website?
I will have to think about that one, :)
How it has helped get your designs "out there".
I have only been able to put up one or two freebies and then I got swamped by real life, but it really did pull alot more people to my blog, which is where I do alot of advertising for the site I sell at.

Tracy said...

I do have a hard time figuring out what to write in the description fields. And I'll NEVER use quotes! I "promise!" :)

I get a lot of hits from your website. I use to track my blog's traffic, and a LOT come from, so thank you so much for offering this service!

Dolça said...

Thank you Vicki for these tips. It's a great help.

I found DigiScrapDepot on Nana's Attic. I think that it's a great website that helps to designers to introduce their creations and the others to find them.

I'm newbie in the digital scrapbooking world and and thanks to DigisScrapDepot somebody have visited my blog.

Kimberly said...

The comment section is the hardest part for me. Not because it reflects poorly on me, but because I simply cant think of what to say. My mind goes blank!

I have a hard time with not being able to revise my freebies. I am very fickle (sp?) and often go back to old kits to improve them or their previews; especially after I have learn some new technique or something. I hate asking you to change or delete my kits, because I know that you are very busy too.

DSD is my top referral site, by FAR! Most everyone that show up at my blog comes from DSD. I major plus towards advertising.

croix-moi said...

fantastic website and I love the photo on your blog

I'm very happy to be one this website
and I appreciate all the freebies I can find on it
thank you very much

Pillowgirl said...

This site is great to get word out about my freebies. I struggle with posting to it because I am so limited on time this time of year. In an ideal world, I would be able to post all of my freebies in one short visit to catch up and then add just one thing at a time as I go. But, nothing is ever THAT simple :)

I love that the site sends people to my site for the downloads. I also love that it is categorized and easy to navigate. I do wish it would notify me when someone places a comment or feedback on my kits, is there some way to do that I wasn't aware of?

Bernadette Hunt said...

I just wanted to let you know I think DSD is great. I have had lots of visitors to my blog since posting my freebies here. I didn't realise there was a blog too, but I will bookmark it and keep checking back for the very useful tips, thanks
Bernadette aka Scrapdragon Designs

Kim Broedelet said...

Heya Vicki- Wow, your blog is "rocking" today-LOL... Just to add to my previous comments- your site is a wonderful and easy way to "get your freebies" out there,which in turn brings people to your blog- LOVE your site as it is clean, simple to use and quick! You've done a brilliant job on it- THANK YOU!

curths digital designs said...

I absolutely LOVE DSD!! I enjoy creating kits, freebies, etc. and just love the fact that I have more ways to get my freebies out to the public. I've seen that alien speak other places and I've always wondered how that happened, lol. Being a former freebie addict, I think this site is awesome that it gives customers 1 place to look for so many items.
Writing descriptions has always been hard for me. When I get wordy I worry about not making much sense to the rest of the world, lol. But I guess that would be one way customers would get to know me better. I only have 2 suggestions/questions that I can think of right now. 1. how can I delete a freebie that is no longer active? (this is just eluding me at the moment, lol) 2. and now I've forgotten #2, lol.....
well I'll be back when I think of it.

Anonymous said...

I joined DSD a few days ago. I have seen a 15% increase in sales since then. Great site!
Studio Dana at

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful site. I think a great way to improve it would be to have a link to all recent new freebies, not just a column on the side of the last 6 or so!



Karla M. said...

Your site has been great. I learned about you when you emailed me personally. I am so glad that you have let me post my freebies. It has driven a lot of traffic to my site. Thanks!
Karla Marano

Chris said...

This blog looks awesome Vicky. I love the fact that you give us designers the opportunity to allow a little of our work in the way of freebies the exposure you do. Well done.

Ok how did I find out about your site....hummm this one I think I recieved an email from you.

The site is so much better to navigate now as well.

How do I think it can help other designers. Well there are those designers that believe freebies hurt the industry and there are those that don't I am in the latter part. As a newer designer the only way to get a little more exposure and your name out there is by popping up a freebie every now and again somewhere. For me that is my blog. But I also believe in the freebie being of the same great quality as your normal designs so people see what you really do. A great freebie here and there can only help and benefit a designer.

How do I think it can be a better website....hummmm not bad as it is.

How has it helped me get my designs out there. Well the fact that you offer this is great. Not only do I use other avenues but I also use to advertise my stuff. That can only be a plus.

Thanks Vicky :)

Northernstarca said...

A comment was posted on my blog inviting me to post my freebies to DSD. I create freebies when I am able to and appreciated having this site to help announce a freebie. I think this is a great resource to people wanting to share with others. I have also found great freebies through this site. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to join in.

Zephanee said...

I think the website is a great source for freebies. I like that we can now search by date added...that was one thing that was bothering me before. Thanks so much for putting the site together.

Anonymous said...

I love your site!

J3 Designs

Ingeborg (ikscrap) said...

I love to be able to show my freebies on you site, I don't know how I found you, I think through another list.
Keep up the good work, thanks.

nomessscrappin said...

I think your website is a great way to get our names out there. Great idea.

~Jessica said...

I enjoy getting my freebies up on your site and I love the traffic I get from it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky youe site is GREAT!
HOW you found DIGISCRAPDEPOT? I found it from Jannidee's blog.This helps designers to introduce their creations and lots of others to find them.
This is an awesome place for us designers to past our freebies and layout.
Thank you so much Vicky.Hugs Lorri

Diane Isbell said...

I totally agree with the quotation marks!! I see it all the time.

Thanks for having really helps us newbies get our stuff out there!


Mistica said...

i found digiscrapdepot because of the reputation of one of your designers.
the site is great for sure!!!

Redju said...

Hi Vicky!
About the quotations marks in descriptions... that's me! DOH!! Sorry! I won't do it again!

I have to admit, I don't really read the descriptions. So, it doen't matter to me to know what inspired the designer.

How you found DigiScrapDepot?
I read a comment you left on a blog with your website's adresse.

What you think now about the website?
I really like the random previews and the fact that you can find them by date and by theme.

How you think it can help other designers?
To discovered a lot of new designers at the same time.

How you think it can be a better website?
It would be nice to have a search bar to enter keywords. It's a suggestion, but I don't know how hard it would be to set.

How it has helped get your designs "out there".
You have so many daily hits. A lot of people all over the planet disvored my blog.

Thank you!

hluebner said...

I am really bad at descriptions to my freebies and usually leave it blank. I will work on it!

How you found DigiScrapDepot-
It was hotlinked within another digi-scrappers blog.

What you think now about the website-
It’s great. I love looking through the gallery. The freebie list is awesome as I can see what others are designing.

How you think it can help other designers-
It can always help to give ideas to others. Everything brings inspiration.

How you think it can be a better website-
More exposure. It’s a very valuable tool. Important to get it out there to all digi-scrappers.

How it has helped get your designs "out there"-
A picture is worth a thousand words. Because you maintain the freebie pictures in an archive, it is easy for everyone to view. I have lots of people telling me that they found my blog from the site. I appreciate all the exposure!


Mammacole1979 said...

Vickey, I love site so much! Not ony do I get to post my own freebies, I have tons to serch through. I actually came across the site by seeing the blinkie on someone else's site I cliked on it and poof, the rest is history. Thank you for the tips I had never really given it much tought. Definitly something to work on. And thank you for having such aa awesome spot for freebies.


pschiiiiit (scrapteampf) said...

Hi Vicky!

I heard about it from a membre of my forum and Digiscrapdepot enables me to receive visits more and more!!

Thanks you very much!the site enables us to discover d'autres designers!
It's a good idea :D
Hug on behalf of all l'équipe of scrapteampf!!

Pschiiiiit (france)

DigiBrandi said...

I found your site originally when I mistyped the name of another site. Since then, I have posted a few freebies with you, and I am getting a LOT more hits on my blog because of it. I'm not sure if it's translating into sales, but it can't hurt to have more people seeing what I have to offer!

Sindiego said...

Vicky...I love your site. It is a fantastic place to post freebies and my stat counter will prove that! I have had a lot of traffic from your site in the past few months. I really appreciate being able to post my freebies here for all to download. I also love looking through all the previews to find things I want to download. It is very convenient to have so many designers posting their work in one place. It's like "One Stop Shopping." I don't think you can make it much better.:)

Photohexe said...

Hi Vicky
Thanks for your great Website

How you found DigiScrapDepot
You wrote a comment on my Blog ;)

What you think now about the website
It rocks. It helps all Scrapbookers out there.

How you think it can be a better website
You just can't making it better.

MIP Scraps said...

Great tip Vicky! Thanks!

Julia said...

Thank you Vicky for everything ! I love your website for letting me post my freebies !